May 112018
High Cotton

High Cotton in Charleston is a famous restaurant, and I can say without hesitation is has earned its reputation. It is one of our favorite places to take out of town guests. There are always delicious specials on the menu, but the last time we dined there we ate off the regular dinner menu.

In Charleston every restaurant serves shrimp and grits and each has a unique spin. Visitors will be told this by waiters and waitresses no matter where s/he dines, and it is the truth. I honestly cannot say that one restaurant is better than an other, each is just different. Having a favorite shrimp and grits is a matter of personal taste. For that reason, Hubs and I often try the dish as we are looking to find our own favorite.

All of that is to say, Hubs tried the shrimp and grits at High Cotton tonight.

He described this dish as heavy on the corn. Of course it has the grits, but as you can see in the picture, is also contains kernels of sweet corn. The sausage was light, compared to other versions, and the ham a bit smokier. Shrimp is plentiful in the Lowcountry, and is always fresh and sweet. This dish did not disappoint on that front. He said it was a good dish, but the grits were a bit heavy and gravy a bit thin for his taste. He loves sausage, so he prefers dishes that are heavier on that flavor.

I had the lobster gnocchi. Is it not beautiful?!

And it was outstanding! The dill brown butter was a perfect compliment to the sweet and tender lobster. I have a huge affinity for anything pasta or pasta like, so gnocchi is a good bet for me most of the time. It was a rich dish, but the serving size was appropriate.

This was not the first time we have dined at High Cotton, and I can say that the Fresh Calamari from the appetizer menu as well as the Ambrose Farms Field Greens and Roast Beet salads are delicious. However, I think one of my favorite times to visit High Cotton is during Charleston Restaurant Week. The first time we ever tried High Cotton was during Restaurant Week, and we have returned since, and I am always impressed with the creations of the chef during this event.

High Cotton, like most restaurants in Charleston, is one for which you definitely want reservations. We typically use OpenTable, but you can definitely call in as well. I would also suggest getting reservations sooner rather than later if you are planning on visiting during the summer tourist season. Spots can and do fill up quickly.

One meal I have not tried at High Cotton is weekend brunch. Brunch is pretty much a religion in the Lowcountry and I look forward to trying High Cotton’s own special version.

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