Purpose Statement

We believe that the basis of good nutrition begins with real food. This food does not have to purchased at expensive health food stores in order to fuel our bodies and lives well. We specialize in integrating great food and a shoestring budget.

We are foodies and believe that food should be enjoyed and should be flavorful. Eating in a manner to fuel our bodies well does not mean our meals should be bland or boring. All foods can fit into any dietary plan, so if you have a food that you feel is indulgent, no need to stress. It fits!

Authentic Nutrition of Charleston is a place for answering nutrition questions in an honest and research-based method. It is a place for all those who have struggled to find a judgement free zone to discuss nutrition, health, wellness, and fitness. We do not promise a quick and easy solution, but we do promise to address nutrition topics in a manner that reflects the most recent research. There may be times that this will contradict other websites and may even challenge some current recommendations, but that is the nature of evidenced-based practice. There is also the possibility that answers to questions will change as emerging research provides improved clarity on some topics.

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