Judgement-Free Environment

I promise there is nothing you can say that will surprise me! I am here to help and support you in your journey, not set you up to fail.

No Meal Plans

As the old saying goes, you can give a man fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime, I believe everyone must learn to eat for a lifetime. I will never tell you exactly what to eat, but I will help you understand how food interacts with health.

Non-Diet Approach

Just as I do not believe that meal plans lead to long term success, I do not believe that diets lead to long term success. There is much confusion around terms like Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating, but understand that the diet industry is called an industry because its focus is on profit. Profit that is made by creating products that set people up to fail. I realize this sounds cynical, but how many times have you tried a diet and only found that you put all the weight back on, perhaps even more weight, once you stopped the diet? This cycle leads to repeat customers which is the goal of the diet industry. In my practice, I focus on helping people find long lasting success that includes freedom to enjoy all foods.

Using a non-diet approach does not mean that I advocate a diet of chips and cookies, but it does mean that I believe that finding food freedom is the foundation of “healthy” eating. Food freedom includes the ability to have chips and cookies, but it also appreciates the value of whole grains and vegetables. It is learning to value the role food has in fueling our bodies so we can live our best lives. It is learning that there is no place for guilt in eating and that humans are designed to enjoy eating.

Elimination Diets Are a Last Resort

My main professional goal is to get people EATING! Years of nutrition research has consistently shown that variety is key to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, too many professionals in the wellness industry have the exact opposite approach. It is human nature to desire what is forbidden. It is only when a person truly accepts that all foods can fit that a person can find peace and satisfaction with eating.

I do need to provide a caveat to this, however. There are some instances in medical nutrition therapy that will require either an elimination or significant reduction of a particular food in order to achieve certain goals. Please know, though, that I will do all I can to help you avoid food elimination.

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