Mexican Quinoa

I am going to be straight with you – I’m not usually a big fan of swap recipes. These are the recipes that take a classic dish and swap out some of the ingredients for…Continue Reading

Dangers of the Clean Plate Club

Raising children is tough. Parenting seems tantamount to constant worry. Worry about our children’s nutrition seems to trump all other concerns though when parenting a picky eater. However, I want to offer some encouragement. True…Continue Reading

Easy London Broil

London Broil is a cut of meat that I often find on sale, but it can be tough. I have tried many recipes through the years, and I have finally come up with one that…Continue Reading

Let Them Eat Halloween Candy

Halloween, it arrives every year, and every year parents dread the struggle over the candy. But as a mother and a Dietitian, I don’t think we need to, I think we are better off seeing…Continue Reading

The Lies I Believed about Breastfeeding

The last three months of my dietetic internship I spent working with lactation consultants and WIC dietitians to promote breastfeeding. I learned so much about the mechanics of breastfeeding that I felt extremely prepared to…Continue Reading

Garlic Spinach

A few years ago, while living in California, I ducked into a little olive oil and vinegar speciality food store. I purchased a small bottle of garlic-infused oil and the merchant stuck a little recipe…Continue Reading