Dangers of the Clean Plate Club

Raising children is tough. Parenting seems tantamount to constant worry. Worry about our children’s nutrition seems to trump all other concerns though when parenting a picky eater. However, I want to offer some encouragement. True…Continue Reading

Easy London Broil

London Broil is a cut of meat that I often find on sale, but it can be tough. I have tried many recipes through the years, and I have finally come up with one that…Continue Reading

Let Them Eat Halloween Candy

Halloween, it arrives every year, and every year parents dread the struggle over the candy. But as a mother and a Dietitian, I don’t think we need to, I think we are better off seeing…Continue Reading

The Lies I Believed about Breastfeeding

The last three months of my dietetic internship I spent working with lactation consultants and WIC dietitians to promote breastfeeding. I learned so much about the mechanics of breastfeeding that I felt extremely prepared to…Continue Reading